About Us

The Warner family understand that jewellery is a hallmark of personal style. It has the power to encapsulate those special life moments and evoke a range of emotions. For all of your jewellery needs, our passionate family team can help you find something stunning and unique that will be treasured for years to come. 


Warners Fine Jewellery has a foundation that is now four generations strong. Mike Warner, our father, is the Master Craftsman behind the business - a qualified manufacturing Jeweller and Diamond Setter who has been hand-making beautiful pieces since 1966. He is the guiding light in this new family venture and the voice of reason and experience. Mike started his career in Surry Hills, Sydney, completing his apprenticeship at Clark and Walton - a large specialised manufacturing Jewellery business. His father, Douglas Warner, and his Grandfather, Bert Warner, were both highly regarded in their respective fields. Douglas was the Managing Director of Prouds for over 20 years after returning from World War II whilst Bert was an expert Watchmaker until the age of 88. It is therefore no surprise that Mike developed a love of jewellery and an eye for craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. 


Warners Fine Jewellery is now in the hands of two of Mike's daughters; Kate Marland and Rebecca Carlin. After growing up watching Mike work tirelessly at his bench to create awe-inspiring pieces, we are delighted to be now sharing our family's vision on a wider scale. At Warners Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves on providing quality products delivered with an impeccable level of service. From our family to yours and in respect of the Warners who have gone before us, we are here to help you find those beautiful pieces you have been looking for.